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Eminem - Deja Vu

Album: Relapse
Recording Year: 2009


[ Verse 1 ]

As I fall deeper into a manic state
Iím a prime canidate for the gene to recieve the drug addict traits
Blood pressure climbs at a dramatic rate
I seem to gravitate to the bottle of night quil then I salivate
Start off with the night quil like I think Iíll just have a taste
Couple sips of that then I gradually graduate
Too a harder perscription drug called valium like ya thatís great
I go to take just one and I end up like having eight
Now I need something in my stomach cause I havenít ate
Maybe Iíll grab a plate of nachos and Iíll have a steak
And youíd think with all I have at stake
Look at my daughters faceÖ
Mommy somethings is wrong with dad I think
Heís acting weird again heís really begining to scare me
Wonít shave his beard again and he pretends he doesnít hear me
And all he does is eat dorritos and cheetos
And he just fell asleep in his car eating three musketeers in the rear seat

[ Chorus ]

Sometimes I feel so alone,
I just donít know, feels like I been down this road before,
So lonely and cold, Itís like something takes over me,
Soon as I go home and close the door,
Kinda feels like deja vu, I wanna get away from this place I do,
But I canít and I wonít say I tried but I know thatís a lie cause I donít
And why I just donít knowÖ

[ Verse 2 ]

Maybe just a nice cold brew whatís a beer
Thatís the devil in my ear I been sober a fuckin year
And that fucker still talks to me he is all I can fuckin hear
Marshall come on weíll watch the game itís the cowboys and buccaneers
And maybe if I just drink half Iíll be halfed buzzed for half of the time
Whoís that mastermind behind that little line
With that kind of rational man I got half a mind
Too have another half of glass of wine sound acinine
Ya I know
But I never had no problem with alcohol
Ouch look out for the wall aim for the couch Iím about to fall
I missed the couch and down I go looking like a bouncing ball
Shit must have knocked me out cause I ainít feel the ground at all
Wow what the fuck happend last night where am I
Man fuck am I hungover and god damn I got a head ache
Shit half a vicodin why canít I?
ďAll systems ready for take off please stand byĒ

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse 3 ]

So I take a vicodin splash it hits my stomach and ahh
A couple weeks go by it ainít even like Iím getting high
Now I need it just not to feel sick ya Iím getting by
Wouldnít even be taking this shit if deshaun didnít die
Oh ya thereís an excuse you lose proof so you use
Thereís new rules itís cool if itís helpin you to get through
Itís twelve noon ainít no harm in self inducing a snooze
What else is new fuck it what would elvis do in your shoes
Now here I am 3 months later full blown relapse
Just get high untill the kids get home from two homes relax
And since Iím convinced that Iím in-somniac
I need these pills to be able to sleep so I take 3 naps
Just to be able to function throughout the day letís see
Thatís an ambian each nap how many valium 3
And that will average out to about one good hours sleep
Ok so now you see the reason how come he
Has taken 4 years just too put out an album b
See me and you we almost had the same outcome he
Cause that christmas you know the nomonia thing
It was bolognya was it the methadone ya think
Or the hydrocodone you hide inside your pornos
Your vcr tape cases with you ambian cr great places to hide ainít it
So you can lie to hailie Iím going beddy bye whitney baby good night elaina
Go in the room and shut the bedroom door and wake up in ambulance
They said they found me on the bathroom floor

[ Chorus ]

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