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Eminem Feat. Limp Bizkit - Our House

Recording Year: 2000


[ Intro ] [ Eminem ]

Hereís the story, of a little boy
Growiní up in a suburban home
Tying to cope with everyday life
Who lives in a little house
That was built, in the middle of the street

[ Verse 1 ] [ Eminem ]

Hey, Mom
Tupacís on the juke box somebody shot two cops
and raped a little girl while two dudes watched
Nuh-uh They were tryiní to frame him
You wouldnít have Two Pack Shaker
No, That ainít how you say his name ma
Youíre so lame donít you know anything
Yeah I know that youíll probably go and join in the gang
Yeah right whereís my fuckin walkman at?
Stop cussin at me
Shut up, bitch
And quit talking back
Well, Slammed the door and Iím out
Now what? Itís probably warm in the house.
Fuck I forgot my jacket, forgot it was winter.
Iím gettiní thinner,Iím hungry Is Mom cookiní dinner?
Mom, Let me back in I forgot my coat
Mom come on, Iím not playin itís cold
Alright, sorry I need a jacket
Mom look, my Tupac tape I just cracked it
Mom, please let me back in
It is Two Pack Shaker I just asked him
Iím freezin, Iím sneezin
Iím breathin too much cold air Iím wheezin
I ainít did nothin I ainít say íIím leaviní
I said íIím goiní on the front porch to get somethiní
Alright here, take your damn coat and leave
Fine Iíll leave, Mom you cut off the sleaves

[ Chorus ] [ Fred Durst ] x4

Our house In the middle of the street

[ Verse 2] [ Eminem ]

My teacherís two faced
She went to lower my school grades
Since Last Tuesday I had a toothache from kool-aid
So Mom kicked me out, and all i had in my suitcase
Was one shoelace a tube sock and a tube of toothpaste
Sometimes it was cool
Cause I could go to a friends, crash there, fool around and just skip school
But other times Iíd rather just be home
In my own room alone read my shit and nobody would know
My little brother sucked on a bottle ĎTill he was six
So Iíd hide it inside the couch and say ĎI donít know where it isí
But as soon as Mom found it I would either be grounded
Or kicked out the house a thousand week and still countin
Even when I was underage
Mom was telliní cops I was tryiní to run away
I told her ĎSomeday bitch, youíre gonna payí
Please Mom, Please Mom, Please Mom I wanna stay

[ Chorus ] [ Fred Durst ] x4

My brotherís incoherint
Momís a single parent
Who ainít carin
Stariní through me like Iím transparent
Made it clear that I was just there to run an errands
Told her friends I was a son from her last marriage
Sent me up to the little corner store,
with a note ĎPlease, sell my step-son some cigarettes so I can smokeí
One time I tried to fake sick to get attention
Back-fired, Mom sent me to school with a vengence
My lifeís the worst thing that could ever happen to me
I go to class and every teacherís always laughiní at me
And Mom says white rappers are laughed at
Not only that she heard me upstairs I canít rap
And Iím stupid, I never make an average of a B+
I need to sit on my ass and sue people like she does
One time, I got food poisin,
From a hot dog Mom sued and got $2,000 from Ballpark
Hey Ma, You got a dollar?
I donít think so, now keep an eye on your brother
Iím goiní to bingo
But Mom, You said you were broke
Who said? You got your ears messed up from that damn rap music

[ Chorus ] [ Fred Durst ]

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