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Eminem Feat. Nas - Topless


[ Verse 1 ] [ Eminem ]
My motto is live by the bottle so why is my supply low
Bringing the truck mode with the high load
Stay grounded but I still reach for the sky, though
Ghetto idol I think but what do I know
Shit I know a lot more than I should
The hoot stood by me just like I thought it would
Donít act like Iím Hollywood when I probably could
I donít pally, Muhamad Ali of rap
I donít rally gag, west coast to home with a body bag the shot even mag
Lost Angeles where the party at?
You can catch me anywhere where thereís the party at
Yeah, Andre is back so have a cardiac
Started back with the black, raider started cap
Gangster rap, we practically fucking started that
Every day with this game Iím getting smarter at
Skyís the limit so every time I get on the track

[ Chorus ]
Guns blaze when I shine, make a wish quick
Letís start on the shooting kind
Front page all the time, you boys feel sick but I ainít got no roof of mine
I dream topless, I live topless
Like my girl is the game with her tities out
I dream topless, I live topless
Sky is the limit, Iím paid to run the city now

[ Verse 2 ] [ Nas ]
Your skin is travelling bad have you ever existence
Yours is shabby and scab while mine is blistening
Vivid on my skin how many continents I visit in
You could journey with me to different places by listening
Shitting on them, your brother got it covered with the slug and knuckle it
However you wanted I love it
Our hustleís with, the greed, the grime, my genetic code make up murderer by the zone
Am I calendar time when night meets day
Iím in the light drape Ö like a high speed chase
Adrenaline like jog and then jump and rope in place
Muhamad Ali hobbyís no Pillate trying to keep the ocean by me
Hit a rich manís wife see what these hose..
buy me looking for but itís nice to see the road behind me
Hotel with seven stars but gets flowing, keep your lid get dog to private jet bow and topless

[ Chorus ]

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