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Eminem - Anger Management (Freestyle)

Recording Year: 2005


lright, let's go
Welcome to the official
Shade 45 Anger Management 3
Exclusive Mixtape (It's familiar!)
brought to you by
none other than
the motherfuckin
notorious, infamous
DJ Clinton Sparks

Once again, it's the kid
Yeah eat a dick up
Pick up them nuts boy, lick up til you hiccup
Sick mo'fucka, yeah, same sick mug, its the stick up
His middle finger and go chica chica chica
Hi! My name is.. chica chica chica
Chica chica chica chica chica chica chica
Til this shit was stuck in your head so much you were sick of
I'mma teach love in these boys say fuck a bitch say your daughter
And so we took this shit more
Choke a slut, smack a bitch whore
Beat a bitch up, Look at these kids they eat this shit up
And this was before I even knew what this shit was
It's affectin what it does
Parents come pickin at us
Meanwhile ticket sales have just skyrocketed up
So shit fuck, shit fuck, shit fuck, fuck you suck a dick slut
But I gotta go, it's time for me to go and pick up
Jessica, it's official I just broke her and Nick up

Now if you leave this show and you don't got one of these CDs
Then you did not officially experience the entire show
Once again 50 Cent, G Unit, Nate Dogg, Alchemist
And a special thanks to Lil' Jon
Can't forget Dr. Dre
D-Twizzy, O. Trice, Stat Quo
And on behalf of myself
I wanna thank ya'll for comin' out
Hope you enjoyed the show

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