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Eminem - Insane

Album: Relapse
Recording Year: 2009


[ Verse 1 ]

I was born with a dick in my brain
Yea fucked in the head
My step-father said that i sucked in the bed
Ďtil one night he snuck in and said
Weíre going out back i want my dick sucked in the shed
ďcanít we just play with teddy ruxpin instead?Ē
After I fuck you in the butt get some head
Bust a nut get some rest
The next day my mother said ďi donít know what the fuckís up with this kidĒ
The bastard wonít even eat nothing he scared
He just hung himself in the bedroom heís dead
Jeffrey donít let that fucker get you upset
Go in there stick a fuckin cigarette to his neck
I bet you heís faking it
I bet you iíll bet he prolly wants to see how upset you would get
Iíll go handle this of course unless you object
Ah go fuck his brains out if any is left in his head

[ Chorus ] x2

If you could count the skeletons in my closet
Under my bed and up under my faucet
Then you would know iíve completely lost it
Is he nuts? no heís insane

[ verse 2 ]

You get it? no I just tried to bite my face off
I just got fucking chased off with a chainsaw
Then he took the chainsaw bit the fucking blades off
Ate the blades stuck a baseball in a slingshot
Then he aimed at his own face let the thing pop
Took his eye out picked it up and played ping pong
Then he played ping pong with his own ding dong
That motherfuckerís got nuts like king kong
Then he set the lawn mower out on the dang lawn
And he layed all up underneath it with the thing on
Then he took his pants he took every fucking thing off
Everything except his tank top and his training bra
Ainít he raw? yea maniac that shady dog
Man that motherfucker gangsta ainít he dog?
Shady dog what be going through that fucking brain of yours?
Say no more what the fuck you waiting for? sing along.

[ Chorus ] x2

[ Verse 3 ]

Donít you know what felch means?
Well then tell me would you rather get felched or do the felching?
Fuck Ďem in the ass suck the cum out while youíre belching
Burp belch and go back for a second helping
Can you dig what Iím saying man? can you smell me?
I want you to feel me like my step-father felt me
Fuck a little puppet kick the puppy while heís yelping
Shady what the fuck you saying? i donít know help me!
What the fuckís happening? i think iím fucking melting!
Marshall i just love you boy i care about your well-being
No dad i said no i donít need no help peeing
Iím a big boy i can do it by myself see
I only get naked when the babysitter tells me
She showed me a movie like nightmare on elm street
But it was X and they called it pubic hair on chelsey
Well this is called ass-rape and we should do the jail scene

[ Chorus ] x2

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