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Lil Jord - Spacin out

#1 liljord (User)Jun 6, 2012, 2:36 pm

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Im writin a rhyme
Im bored out of my mind
A quater till nine
Im sort of behind
Im spacin out
Im spacin out
Im spacin out

Verse 1:
Im sittin at a desk, thinkin of lyrics less
Nothin is comin to my mind but, beautiful breasts
So I surf the internet on a search for anal annette
In a fishnet stockings sucking on a dick
Lock my bedroom door shut and turn the music up
Loosen up my belt and let my pants fall and lube it up
Im feelin horny like any 14 year old boy
Thats never seen pussy unless it was on TV
And maybe bought a CD and placed it into his PC
If he doesnt have a PC then he got himself a magazine
Shoved stuck under there under where I wonder where
Check in his drawer look under his underwear
Mummy finds him naked and gives him a spankin
And tells him this aint for you youll go blind if you ever wank it
Now mummy calls daddy and daddy comes up the stairs and just stares
And say at least my sons not a nut queer
Now tuck your dick away and dont leave it stuck there


Verse 2:
Now Jordan who is full of boredem
Is fistin your missus while your out fishin for dinner
Or fixin the antenna to your tele-
Vision i never meta
Chicken as fine as stella
Sicker than salmonella, hotter than I can get her
Listen here young fella shes under my spella
You wonder where she goin shes here and I tell ya
Her tits are developed her clits wetter than ever
My dick in her placenta she love how I cum in her
And call her my bella your blinder than keller
Helen whatever shes fed up Im better so I get her

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