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Manchester United negotiators to mmogo

#1 maddenvip (User)Aug 10, 2017, 7:23 am

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Fan generals to NBA Live Mobile Coins recover quickly, his return is certainly a big positive Manchester United, which is conducive to the impact of the Red Devils qualify, even if Can not enter the top four, they compete for the European Cup seats hope also increased. This season, Manchester United in the four fronts are experiencing a crisis, no accident, this Moyes in charge of the Red Devils will experience the season four empty, and according to the "Daily Mirror" news,

Moyes's handsome seems to NBA Live 18 Coins have been challenged, it is learned , The Red Devils at this level with the Dutch marshal Van Gaal met this week, it is clear that the Red Devils have been ready for the Moyes class may be prepared, and Tottenham also invited Van Gaal to join, now deeper deeper Manchester United A bar, white deer Lane wishful thinking I am afraid to fall. "Daily Mirror" revealed that although Manchester United executives promised

Moyes in the summer there are 200 million pounds for signings, but they do not trust the Scots in private, they question whether Moyes is the ideal candidate to lead Manchester United forward, After all, Manchester United is currently only ranked seventh in the Premiership, FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League have also been out. It is reported that in the past two days,

Manchester United negotiators to mmogo (including a member of the Glazer family) and Van Gaal conducted a meeting, the core content of the talks is Van Gaal in the summer after the World Cup in charge of the possibility of the Red Devils. Van Gaal is currently the Dutch national team coach, in 2014 after the end of the Brazilian World Cup, he and the Dutch Football Association's contract will expire, then,

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