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The way I rap...maybe lil crap

#1 darkshady (User)Oct 24, 2010, 8:20 pm

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Battle Inside

Ayyo, I keep facin
some crazy thing and I guess
Its the battle inside a man
when he doubts if he can

You better know what still u dream for
what do u think ur life hav been for
You're alive coz u gotta be something
Just like middle finger is to upbring
You're sitting here warming up seats
ur fucking foe keeps rhyming on beats
Man, You just cant let this shot go
go up there and let the roof -----"blow"----

but waita minute
u serious about him
fuck him buddy
is your mind bin
yeah i know its a big shot
but What if u fail? have u ever thought?
U cant walk a road without taunt
I am damn sure its not what u want
U know man this rap is a bitch
can u beat her with such a low pitch
cant u hear me or u hav a dead brain
Look, head back,
think it all again

wait where are u going
look u gotta do it
man u hav skills
just go and prove it
How you came so far, what u been through
do u really wanna let all of it go
Will u let go the nights u havent slept
things sacrified for skills u upkept
u cant go back to place u do belong
where ma-faka think u cant write a song
Coz they dont know what u talk about
they hav short mind to get deep into ur thought

aint it possible that they were true
you were dumbass....with over attitude
Get back now....dont let urself bet
U need to hav more of it to get set
Do you Lust stardom?So it just brings down
and u get worse till u get ground
what was wrong when u were a nobody
keeping ur day job no club and no shawty
how will u rap look ur attitude flown
and he telling you to get the blown
why the fuck did u broght ur ass here
just get out man aint it easier

Fuck that evil,
does he know rap
he always comes with same shitty crap
keep kicking his ass till it turns red
He is just an orphan looking out for shed
He is just teaching you to head back
check his mind I doubt theres some crack
u think his corny ass worth obsession
make this battle to be a hot session
Just make it best verse of all time
if u cant then just talk about crime
rap is to talk money drug and sex
upkeep rythem
dont let it break
dont listen him if he says u get fail
Will u be fined? or will u get jail
and that bitch talks about taunts
do u give a damn to these fucking clowns
You can lose a little
u gotta gain big
fuck'em all man till they get off dick
You got flow and hav mind fed with rhyme
And More of this its not ur first time
Do you love that bitch, no, so let him lose
Its your battle, me or him choose

Go ahead Man

No bitch stop

Let the roof burst

u will get dropped

Just let me overcome this bitch and I will bring you to the top

Well, I dont need u both fucking idiots
I know why the fuck am I here
How can I get the time to think rhyme
when you both bitches are on my mind
To you evil, Had I ever heard
why u come again...do u like ur ass hurt
And To you good, u hell irritate
I know whats right so theres the exit
Now plz leave man i gotta think
goddamn.....so stupid fucking
#2 LonniE (User)Oct 24, 2010, 8:26 pm

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#3 ambrrspumpkin (User)Feb 7, 2011, 12:24 pm

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that is pretty cool
When a dude's gettin bullied and shoots up his school
And they blame it on Marilyn (on Marilyn).. and the heroin
Where were the parents at? And look where it's at
Middle America, now it's a tragedy
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