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#1 MCi (User)Mar 14, 2011, 7:51 pm

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What's on my mind, is incomprehensible
Life as real as it gets, it still isn't truthful
It's easy going, but it still isn't stable
Even though it's a word of one syllable
It's as complicated as you live it, never simple
I didn't think, or believe it's truly livable
Though if you lived it as if you had an angel
The positive energy might make it changeable
The idea is irresistible, it's hard but also doable
You just have to change the way you think
Love what you've got, and throw away what stinks
Don't be depressed to see the good out of things
Change could come, but only if you want it
It starts by accepting it, and working on it
You can start, by replacing feelings you have in heart
Get rid of negativity, and change living into an art
I'm not being a hypocrite, I was saying it's complicated
Though that's overrated, just live it like you wanted
Before you're laying in a coffin at a funeral, dead
What you need to do, isn't thinking of life as an unjust regime
But as living it is the dream of every human being
Living isn't always alive. But when it is, it's defined Life.

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